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When I wrote this book I subtitled it:


This is because this book is predicated on these four principles:

AUTHENTICITY relies on nurse leaders revealing their most genuine, dependable, loyal, steadfast, and unswerving persona to the patients they serve and to the staff members that make up their team.

PRESENCE relies on nurse leaders existing in the moment of care or the moment their team members look to them for expert leadership; their minds and hearts must not wander into the myriad of distractions that can interrupt patient focus or team collaboration.

INTUITION relies on instinct and perception. It counts on team members and especially on the leader's ability to see beyond the obvious and understand less noticeable clues. Intuition depends on all five senses and understands the value of the so-called sixth sense when working to enhance individual and team performance

EXPERTISE is skill, knowledge and opinion of those well-schooled in a specialty but it is not the culmination of learning and practice but rather it is the acknowledgement that learning is an ongoing life-long pursuit.

NURSING LEADERSHIP FOR PATIENT CENTERED CARE was written with the reader in mind — it is friendly and easy to read. It is narrative in style and accessible.

NURSING LEADERSHIP FOR PATIENT CENTERED CARE is filled with actual narratives of patients who have not received proper care and/or of staff members who have not benefited from the caring aid and support of  their fellow team members or of their leadership. Some of their stories will tear at your heart strings. Other stories will motivate you to fix what's broken.

NURSING LEADERSHIP FOR PATIENT CENTERED CARE might encourage you to enter the caring professions and become a professional nurse or any one of the myriad of other socially supportive professions available to you today. I welcome you to my world of:

NURSING LEADERSHIP FOR PATIENT CENTERED CARE with open arms and a warm heart. I truly hope you like it here on Harrietsbookshelf. As you complete this description of:

NURSING LEADERSHIP FOR PATIENT CENTERED CARE, may I invite you to also read the descriptions of the Cherry Ames books elsewhere on this site — perhaps you will find these books appealing as well. And please feel free to tell me what you think, feel, and would like from me in the future. I rely on your comments as we move forward together into the future — and — I'm available to consult and to conduct seminars on the subject of — you guessed it: NURSING LEADERSHIP FOR PATIENT CENTERED CARE, Cherry Ames, or any of their component parts.

Harriet Forman, EdD, RN
Forever a Nurse

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